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Personal alarm service

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  • We offer a complete range of Telecare services which can support and enable vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their own home using alarms and sensor activated devices.
  • Our comprehensive range of Telecare plans can monitor the vulnerable person and trigger an alert if they trigger a personal alarm or if the sensor detects any problems such as having a fall, heat and smoke in the property or even offering mobile protection whilst out and about.
  • If a Telecare sensor does activate, an alert is automatically sent to our 24-hour Monitoring Centre who will have relevant information about the individual using the service. The team will then contact the person to check their safety and provide the appropriate response – whether that be offering reassurance or advice, contacting a family member, friend or emergency service.

Alarm plans available

Our Telecare plans can be arranged individually or as part of a tailor made package depending on your requirements. These include:

Standard alarm plan

A home alarm unit and wireless personal trigger ideal for someone who spends a lot of time at home. Once the trigger is pressed a call is connected to our Monitoring Centre for staff to assist.

Heat and Smoke plan 

All the benefits of a high-quality smoke alarm combined with alerting our Monitoring Centre in the event of a fire.

Falls plan

Alarm unit and pendant provide added protection for those at risk of a fall by automatically raising an alert to our Alarm Monitoring Centre in the event of detecting a fall.

Mobile GPS plan

Using GPS technology, mobile phone or neck pendant provide reassurance for people with active lives whilst out and about, also suitable for locating people with dementia.

Key Safe plan

Particularly useful for people with an alarm unit and pendant, making it easy for local contacts and emergency services to access your home.

Additional options

Additional sensors or products such as bed and chair occupancy, environmental and security sensors and daily living aids can be added to these packages as required.

How much does it cost?

  • Alarms: £20.15 (ex VAT) per month
  • Keysafe: Police approved £140
                   Value keysafe £75
  • Costs for alarms does not include VAT but many of our customers do not need to pay VAT for health reasons. Key safes do not qualify for VAT exemption.
  • All costs include installation, demonstration of use and monitoring services (for personal alarms).
  • Replacement or additional pendants cost £49 each.
  • You can pay set up costs over the phone by debit or credit card and set up a direct debit for any ongoing monthly costs.

How do I get a service?

  • Step 1: contact our Telecare advisers on 01896 758717 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements and payment options.
  • Step 2: provide us with details for two local contacts (family, friends or neighbours) who we can call in the event of you requiring help.
  • Step 3: one of our police-checked, equipment engineers will deliver and install the key safe and/or alarm and show you how to use it.

Already receive a service?

If you have a query about a service you already receive, contact our Telecare advisers on 01896 758717 or email [email protected]